Black soot coats everything from the chimney, and it is what homeowners should clean out regularly.  Thankfully, today’s new chimneys use devices and have precautions in place to avoid catastrophe related to black soot.   


Actually, chimney cleaning can be misleading.  It is more like chimney sweeping because the process removes inflammable creosote through flat or red wire brushing. Many fireplaces also have a damper that has to be cleaned during sweeping.    

Chimney Sweeping Process   

The chimney sweeper should identify the best way to access to the fireplace when cleaning it.  First, the sweeper inspects the flow to identify the best method for sweeping. So, if a chimney isn’t being used, the sweeper may start from below and go towards the top.  

Some sweeps are done from below using a traditional brush, with a rope wrapped around a pipe, or using an electrical cleaner with rods and brushes connected to it. Each time any of these sweeping techniques are used, creosote is removed from the chimney.   

Chimney Inspection Process   

After the chimney has been swept, the sweeper will visually check the chimney for defects or abnormalities. They will oftentimes use a camera for this.  This phase is very critical if the chimney is to be used for a certain period of time.    

When inspecting the chimney, the things that are noted most are missing some mortar joints, leaks, broken or damaged flue tiles, hammered or deformed metal liners, and flue holes. These could pose possible fire and danger from carbon monoxide inhalation.    

The sweeper must also search for isolated mortars to fill the smoke chamber.  The mortar coating reduces the chimney’s exterior temperature to cover any mortar hole that can result in heat exhaustion in certain areas.  All the holes in the system should be fixed so that there’s a means for toxic gasses and heat to escape through it and out of the chimney.    

Chimney Repair Process  

Make repairs to your sweeping chimney as you go. If there are problems detected on your chimney, the next step is to have them repaired. Do not use a defective chimney as that may mean danger to you and your family. Be sure that you hire an expert in chimney repair to go about the job.   

When hiring a chimney repairman, be sure to call at least three service providers so you can choose the one that can provide you with the best services at the most affordable price. There are many ways to qualify for a chimney repair expert. It is essential that you hire the most experienced people to get the results that you need.   

The Importance of Regular Chimney Sweeping   

By now, you should have realized how important regular chimney sweeping really is. Cleaning the chimney is the first step to its maintenance process. If you hire a good Vancouver chimney sweep, then you can be sure that your chimney is in its best condition at all times because all problems detected while doing the sweep is reported to you. That’s how you get to act on the problem fast to free yourself of any danger.