You should take care of your lawn every day. A majority of gardens have grass in it. That’s where most of the work is concentrated.  Look at and monitor the issues of the garden. Lawn maintenance becomes easier with the help of the professionals. If you want to do DIY garden cleaning, these are the tools that you’ll need:  

  1. Lawn Mower 

If your lawn is large, then you’’ll need a bigger lawnmower. A lawnmower is among the costliest gardening tool you’ll ever need, so choose the one that you can buy and maintain. A lawnmower is an investment, so do some research before buying. Your lawnmower’s main job is to cut grass on your lawn. You have to maintain the engine well so you can still use it in winter.  

  1. Thatcher 

The size of the thatcher you need will depend on the lawn size. If you want to know how to choose the right one, consult with a lawn care expert. The experts in Vancouver lawn care should be able to tell you what to do.  

  1. Leaf Rake 

Leaf rakes are great tools to remove dead leaves from your lawn. It is also used to clear it of loose branches and cut grass. Like all other gardening tools, leaf rakes come in different sizes. Choose the one that perfectly suits your posture.   

How to Mow Your Lawn   

If you’ve got a good lawn, then you’ll need to mow it regularly. It’s the most popular and important way of maintaining your garden. Proper mowing should keep the lawn safe and happy while preventing major problems and plagues.  

But sometimes, you leave grass clippings behind after mowing it. A few of these cut-offs won’t damage your lawn. But if you don’t mow your lawn frequently, then the cut grass is going to be longer, and that’s going to be hazardous to your lawn.   

When to Mow   

During the different seasons and climates, the right strategy for lawn mowing is different. In general, you only need to water your lawn every 2-3 days. If it is rainy, then you’ll have to do it more frequently because the grass grows faster during this time.   

The lawn should be mowed before noon. The level of water needed depends on the type of soil and vegetation. You should run a test to know the optimal watering time of your lawn, depending on the local conditions.  

What to Do with Weed  

Weeds are seen in every garden, and you will be in a constant fight against them. The higher the grass, the more weeds you’ll battle against. The lawn is assured natural protection against the majority of weeds and pests. The best way to eliminate weeds is to quickly handle them. Use either an herbicide spray or pull them out manually. Many gardeners use herbicide fertilizers in order to save money, even if weeds are not fully destroyed.  

Fertilizer is an essential ingredient in a really good lawn. Lawns should be periodically fertilized, but the right technique will be dependent on your climate. Fertilizers are used during the growing months, not in drought. An unnecessary amount of fertilizer destroys the grass.